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Uniquely 1% - Unigons One

Edison has once said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. In the world of marketing and creativity, 99% of work isn't original. At Unigons One, we go the extra mile just to pursue that extraordinary 1%. It is this unique 1% that we originate the most effective solution and extraordinary value for our clients. This is the way we work, it is our brand promise, our life mission to be that unique 1%.

Client: Forgain (China)
Project: Mid-Autumn Festival 2020
Scope of Work: 360-Marketing, Activation, Social Media, Packaging Design, Mass Production

Client: Forgain (China and Asia Pacific)
Project: New Product Development (Nuts, Snacks)
Scope of Work: Product Branding, Packaging Design, Toolkit Development, Retail Activation

Client: J C Group (Hong Kong)
Project: New Dining Concept, Unmanned Food Court Stalls
Scope of Work: Consultancy, Branding, Space Design, Customer Experience Design, Packaging